Top Health Giving Foods

Top Health Giving Foods

Healthy foods and superfoods. These foods are indigenous to many of the ancient cultures around the world and are just coming to light in areas outside their native regions. All these foods can be used to increase your healthy, stamina, sense of well being and some are extremely valuable if you are on a diet or diabetic. They are listed in order beginning with the most comprehensive and health giving food.

1. Marine Phytoplankton - Marine Phytoplankton is the foundation of the food chain, responsible for over 70% of the worlds oxygen production. It is a micro nutrient and comprehensive whole food that can nutritionally sustain all living creatures on earth.

One of the largest living creatures, marine whales, live 150 years or more using marine plankton as their main diet. Phytoplankton is a complete source of nutrition which includes proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace minerals, pigments, essential fatty acids including omega 3 fats and more. Scientists believe that it is absorbed at the cellular level thus creating it's ability to support and heal the body on a very deep level.

There are over 40,000 species of plankton. I use Gesundheit because their scientists have spent years testing every species and have determined the variety that is the most nutritionally dense and suitable to the human body. They grow this species in environmentally controlled reactors to ensure purity and integrity of the marine plankton.

2. Fulvic Minerals - Is a mineral product that is extracted from rich deposits of humic shale in the earth. It contains over 77 minerals in their IONIC form, making these minerals easily absorbable to the cell where nutrition is most needed. Most supplements are not is a small enough form, nor do they carry the proper electronic charge to penetrate at the cellular level.

Fulvic is an electrolyte that enables cells to absorb nutrients and is a mulit-directinal antioxidant. It provides mental clarity, increased energy and a sense of well being and emotional stability. When looking for a good fulvic supplement be aware of where it is harvested and the process used. Many companies use chemical processes to obtain fulvic from the shale.

3. Chaga - Is a woody fungus known as the " King of Herbs". It grows mainly in cold climates in Siberia on the outside of black birch trees. Chaga is related to the medicinal mushrooms shiitake, maitake, lentinula and others. This mushroom has polysaccharides that enhance the immune system and are used to treat cancer, HIV, and other antibacterial and viral infections. It has triterpenes to lower cholesterol, improve digestion, detoxify the liver, treat hepatitis, coughs and asthma. It also contains betulinic acid that is used to control viral infections and tumors and other phytonutrients, minerals and amino acid to improve strength and health.

4. Goji Berries - Use these like raisins, either soaked or dry. They add a great punch and sweetness to your cereal, smoothies, or just straight out of the bag. Goji or wolfberries are a red berry from northern Tibet, and revered by the people there. The Chinese believe these berries help to add longevity to life as well as add nutrients such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, iron, calcium, 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals and are powerful anti oxidants to slow the aging process and help with many diseases. If you are taking any blood thinner drugs or have pollen allergies, you should consult with your doctor before beginning a program of goji berries.

5. Chia Seeds - Coming from a desert plant in the mint family, they have a long history of being cultivated by the Aztecs and Mayans. They were a staple food of their warrior diet. The seeds are high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and lots of other vitamins and minerals. These are great for those on a diet, because they provide bulk to help fill you up as well as helping to clear toxins from the digestive tract.

6. Raw Cacao - Coming from the island of Bali, you can watch this video on the production of truly raw, unprocessed cacao. Raw cacao promotes cardiovascular health, weight loss, is one of the highest known food sources of antioxidants, supplies PEA, an anti- depressant chemical, has a stimulating effect on the brain with its theobromine, and provides lots of much needed magnesium and sulfur.

7. Yacon - The perfect sweetener for those on a diet or diabetic, as this South American root is not absorbed by the body, therefore it has a low calorie impact on it. You can enjoy this sweetener and know you are not adding many calories or weight to your body. Because yacon is made mainly of FOS ( fructooligosaccharides ), a unique sugar (inulin) it is a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Some pre clinical studies have indicated that consumption of FOS may help increase bone density, as well as absorption of vitamins such as B complex.

8. Coconut Palm Sugar - Is made from the nectar of the coconut palm flowers. It is suitable for both dieters and diabetics as it is low at a rating of 35 on the glycemic index. It is a caramel brown color and perfect for all your sweetener needs. Palm sugar is high in potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron and is a natural source of the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. I love this sugar, and use it all my raw food creations.

9. Maca - Sometimes known as " Peruvian Ginseng" the maca root is an amino acid, phyto nutrient, vitamin and mineral rich food. Grown at very high altitudes it carries lots of energy, giving you increased energy/ stamina, normalizing adrenal and immune system function as well as regulating the endocrine system. Maca is an adaptogen herb and has long been used to treat menopause and as a fertility-libido enhancer. This root can be used in smoothies, puddings, ice creams, juices or blended into your tea or coffee.

10. Goldenberries - A delicious sweet and tart alternative to raisins, the Ican goldenberry is also very nutritious. This berry is mainly grown in Peru, but can be found in warm climates throughout the world. It is high in calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins and protein. The goldenberry has been known to help control diabetes, clean the blood and promote digestion.

11. Wild Jungle Peanuts - Are heirloom peanuts from the jungles of the Amazon. These are hand raised and picked, possibly the ancestors of todays commercial peanuts. Wild Jungle Peanuts contain a higher percentage of protein than any other nut. Over 40% of the oils contained in this ancient peanut are oleic acid (the main fatty acid in olive oil). A one ounce serving has 14% protein, 7% iron, 3% calcium and 22% good fatty acids. Aflatoxins, a mold derived toxin, are a common problem with commercial peanuts, however most wild jungle peanuts are aflatoxin free.

12. Brazilian Cupuaca - This fruit tastes like chocolate and is a member of the chocolate family. Nicknamed, "a pharmacy in a fruit", it contains antioxidants, anthocyanins, omega 3 & 6, vitamins and other phyto nutrients. The fruit has been used to lower cholesterol, increase libido and stamina, fight disease and cancer, protect cells with its antioxidant power and boost the immune system. A great drink to help weight loss and increase energy is cupuaco, acai, and coconut water or mixed with other fruits like bananas, mango, peaches and a few ice cubes blended into a smoothie.

13. Lucuma - This fragrant and sweet fruit comes from Peru. It has a rich maple like flavor and is used in ice cream, puddings, shakes and yogurt. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals, especially beta carotene. For a unique and exotic flavor experience try the lucuma fruit.

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