McCartney Criticizes French Vegetarian Ban


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McCartney Criticizes French Vegetarian Ban
A government order in France requires all meals served in school canteens to contain animal products, with meat and fish served with regularity. French students also reportedly can’t bring packed lunches to school, so the government orders apparently are intended to make balanced vegetarian or vegan meals in schools impossible, or nearly so. 

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VIRAHA, Moods of Separation
by Music of Yoga
Kishori Mohan : In Honor of our Beloved Srila Gurudeva's Disappearance Day, this album will be FREE for everyone to download through Sunday. Jai Srila Gurudeva.
Dedicated to the devotees who are experiencing separation from our beloved Gurudev, Nitya Lila Pravista Om Visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja.
released 08 June 2011 
Special Thanks to Radha Priya and Nitya for backups on Gurudev Krpa Bindu Diya. Special Thanks to Vijay for his awesome Mridanga drumming on the Hare Krishna track.
http://musicofyoga.bandcamp.com/download_tralbum         MP3 Direct Download Link

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Chinese nuclear disaster “highly probable” by 2030

Chinese nuclear disaster "highly probable" by 2030
He Zuoxiu
China is heading for a nuclear accident if it continues with current construction plans, says former state nuclear physicist and prominent critic He Zuoxiu.

Radioactive recliner chairs, apartment buildings and household goods are not as unusual as you may think - and it's about to get worse
Sunday, March 17, 2013 by: Carolanne Wright
The American government has developed a solution for all the excess radioactive metal from the medical industry and military: Make it into belt buckles. Or forks. Even cheese graters are fair game. 

C-section babies have abnormal immune function

More evidence suggests that desk jobs and excessive sitting are deadly
Excess sitting can significantly increase a person's risk of developing cancer, blood clots in the brain, and heart disease, which further makes the case that exercising and even just standing up more can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Shocking new cell phone radiation study reveals increased brain tumor risk for children

Nuclear medical tests can turn you into a nuclear bomb terror suspect in the eyes of the TSA

Six Ways To Tell If You're Staying in a Murder Hotel

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新谷弘實醫學博士 醫學臨床紀錄片:
實證肉食與素食腸道的差別 - YouTube 

內地教授談福島核災:核能是否必須?(記協日本福島核災兩周年回顧研討會紀錄之一) | 歐陽聯發 | 香港獨立媒體

2013年03月11日(一) 太陽
九巴龍運 「密室」播菌

致癌物餵養 「健康豬」食壞人




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