This Could Threaten the Future of Food – Destroying the Entire Food Chain


This Could Threaten the Future of Food – Destroying the Entire Food Chain…
Roundup, Monsanto's glyphosate-based herbicide, is causing Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), a serious plant disease, in many fields. Study after study shows that glyphosate is contributing not only to the huge increase in SDS, but also to the outbreak of numerous other diseases.

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解構南美亞馬遜森林隱世土著生活 前額剃光身塗紅 戴頭巾懂種棉

Sherri Tenpenny warns parents about safety of vaccines in NaturalNews interview

Use tea tree oil as a natural remedy for acne

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Prevent Toxicity in a World Full of Toxins

Soy Protein Used in "Natural" Foods Bathed in Toxic Solvent Hexane

International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting repor

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Taco Bell beef faked? No more than the rest of the FDA-approved toxic food supply.
The lawsuit claims Taco Bell's meat cannot be honestly advertised as "beef" because it claims tests showed the meat was only 35% beef, not the 70% beef required by federal standards.

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中國非法種植基因改造木瓜 - 污染威脅所有國產木瓜!

中國非法種植基因改造木瓜 - 污染威脅所有國產木瓜!


Which Reusable Water Bottle Is Best?

What’s Lurking in Your Natural Cosmetics?

Vitamin A in Sunscreen Linked to Skin Tumors
A press release from the Environmental Working Group says the chemical retinyl palmitate, found in many sunscreens, accelerates the development of skin tumors when it is applied to skin exposed to sunlight, and that this relationship has been confirmed.

Ekadasi Prasadam
Taro cooked in coconut milk, org. potatoes fried in butter, yacon root, and buckwheat, (and avocado) 

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