Sanga: Prasadam is Bhakti

Sanga: Prasadam is Bhakti
The sruti says that food is Brahman; food is rasa; and Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, aham vaishvanaro bhutva: "I am the fire of digestion in everyone." Feeding people with this in mind will make the giver one with Brahman as well. It will enable all those involved to eventually taste God as rasa.

Bhakti means loving devotion to God, and prasadam is food that has been offered in loving devotion to God. Food without bhakti is not prasadam because it is bhakti that makes food prasadam. Therefore, distributing prasadam is bhakti—not varnashrama dharma. 

Prasadam distribution in whatever form it takes is bhakti, and whosoever is touched by bhakti, even animals, plants, and trees, will be eternally spiritually benefited.

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