Debate Over Fire Retardant Toxicity Rages In West

諫肉 - 一位著名腫瘤專家的肉食觀  

疑手機輻射致癌 美聯邦擬修法限制

市民點蚊香引發呼吸道感染 專家:蚊香確含農藥 

Shark bite kayak in half nearby Perth
A kayaker escaped death off the coast of Perth, Australia . His kayak was bitten in half by a shark.

Does Your Supplement Contain this Potentially Hazardous Ingredient?
Magnesium stearate

History Channel - The Real Face of Jesus from the Turin Shroud
With Thousands of experiments the scientists cannot say how the image was created because they are looking for scientific proofs but one thing is certain from this that it is an original piece of cloth which proves that Jesus was alive at the time he was taken down from the cross because the blood stains on the head are flowing due to the fact that the heart was beating where as if he was dead and the heart had stopped then the stains would have been a blob rather than flowing marks.

Discovery Channel - Shroud of Turin - New Evidence

'Are you in doubt concerning Allah (God), Maker of the Heavens and the Earth?'  
(The Holy Quran) 
Our God 
Proving the existence of God by rational means 
by Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad, M.A. 

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My replica of the Titanic is HAUNTED by couple who died on original voyage: Extraordinary claim of model maker

Portsmouth man says 'Titanic' replica could be haunted

Celebrity smiles before and after + basic dental hygiene tips.

Where did Jesus die?
By J. D. Shams
9th edition 2002

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