WHO Set to Classify Red Meat, Processed Meats as “Probably Carcinogenic”

WHO Set to Classify Red Meat, Processed Meats as "Probably Carcinogenic"
Would be a huge blow to the meat industry

First Accepted Case of Radiation-Related Cancer Confirmed in Former Fukushima Worker
Experts say it could be "just the tip of the iceberg"
According to a health ministry official, the unnamed man has leukemia.

Amazing health benefits of tamarind for skin, hair and health

10 shocking facts you never knew about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales

Chimps chow down on clay to detox and improve their health - here's why you should too!
Researchers from Oxford University have recently discovered that chimps, our closest animal relative, have started eating clay in response to the loss of raffia palms which used to comprise their primary source of minerals. Instead, the tobacco industry has virtually depleted what the chimps routinely fed on, and experts have found that the animals have instinctively turned to the detoxifying properties of clay.

Importance of Wearing Tulasi Mala in Hinduism

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