Salt is VERY toxic to the human body

Spread the awareness that ALL INORGANIC SALTS are wholly injurious to the human organism.  This includes all sea , earthly and manufactured salts such as:  Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Celtic Grey Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt, Hawaiian Red Salt,  Utah’s Real Salt, Baking Soda, Table Salt & Mono Sodium Glutamate, etc. These inorganic salts have the EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT on the body from that of the pure distilled waters.

Salt, Friend or Foe?

by Dr. Charles Partito N.D.   
Salt is VERY toxic to the human body whether it's table, sea, or Himalayan. 

Salt Eating Chapter XVI

Salt is wholly innutritious and affords no nourishment to the body. It is both indigestible and unassimilable. It enters the body as a crude inorganic salt which the body cannot utilize, it is absorbed unchanged, goes the rounds of the general circulation as an unassimilated salt, and is finally eliminated as such.
The sweat of the salt eater is salty, it tastes of salt. The sweat of the non-user is not so salty, and does not taste so strongly of salt.

In the human body, in large doses, common salt is an irritant poison.

In smaller doses it is said to be a beneficial stimulant. This is a delusion. Salt has the same kind of effect whether the doses are small or large - the difference is only a matter of degree. A small amount of salt put into the eye or a cut will reveal its irritating power. Salt water will induce vomiting, In small quantities it does not induce such a violent reaction. It is eventually excreted by the skin and kidneys as salt. This is why the sweat of the salt-eater tastes very salty. The sweat of the non salt-eater does not taste strongly of salt.

The 'need' for salt in the tropics is no more than the normal need for organic mineral salts in a person whose diet is lacking in fruits and vegetables. If taking salt does reduce cramps, this is only palliating the symptoms and is not removing the cause. A more natural diet is the correct approach.


"The more salt we consume, the more we destroy and deteriorate our cells." – Dr. Timothy Trader, NMD, PhD

Inorganic Salt Is Poisonous by Andrew Norton Webber

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