Benefits of Banyan Tree According to Ayurveda

History, Benefits & Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Benefits of Banyan Tree According to Ayurveda

USDA Gives 2nd Generation GM 'Innate' Potato Green Light
Would you eat this unlabeled GMO creation?

Benefits of Ghee According to Ayurveda

Vibhuti: How and Where Should We Apply It
There are many aspects to the usage of vibhuti or sacred ash. First of all, it is a great medium to transfer or transmit energy, and it has an ability to help direct and control the energy body. 

The Science Behind Bells in Hindu Temples
The bell is made up of a mixture of five metals – lead, copper, zinc, iron, and tin – to which it is measured based on ratio and specification.

How Does Chanting Work
According to the science of Spirituality, chanting the Name of God as per one's religion of birth is the recommended foundation of spiritual practice in the current era i.e. the era of strife (Kaliyug). It is done throughout ones spiritual journey. Chanting can be done anywhere and at any time and is the most convenient spiritual practice. Any repeated thought or action forms an impression, which if reinforced becomes a centre. This is similar to how a footpath is created in a field. Only if one were to walk in a grassy field repeatedly would a footpath be created.
This is the same principle used to create the devotion centre. In the process the other impressions and centres get ignored and reduced until they cease to exist. So this is another effective way in which the devotion centre cleanses the subconscious mind.

Ghosts Cause Twisted and Contorted Movements
The contorted movements seen in the video are due to manifestation of the ghosts possessing the people. The manifestations often occur just because of being in the presence of Saints or items used by Saints. This is because ghosts cannot tolerate the positivity around Saints and are therefore forced to surface or manifest. The people featuring in the video themselves do not have any known physical or psychological illness to explain the movements. They are seekers of God doing moderate to intense spiritual practice as per the six basic principles of spiritual practice.

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