Shocking experiments show how much damage energy drinks do to your teeth

Shocking experiments show how much damage energy drinks do to your teeth
The tooth that had been placed in the energy drink showed that the enamel, which is the hard coating that protects the dentine underneath, had begun to crumble away. In the pictures that Dr. Bierman took from the experiment you can see pale pink and rust colored areas on the tooth that are caused by the staining from the drink, but the large lumps of enamel that came off the tooth are also visible. Bierman said, "The enamel on this tooth was crumbling away — it had been a lot more destructive to the enamel than the cola tooth. Even more concerning is that this was the sugar-free version of the energy drink: it's very potent stuff." Damage to tooth enamel is permanent, and without that protective outer layer, teeth are more prone to sensitivity, cavities, and are much more likely to decay.

Is this how YOUR teeth will look in ten years? Pictures reveal the irreparable damage soft drinks can do to your dental hygiene
A tooth left overnight in a glass of cola won't disappear, like many people think
But just what sugary drinks can do is graphically illustrated in the pictures below 
They were posted by a doctor, who used his own wisdom teeth to experiment 

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