Seattle woman who raised $400G as cancer survivor reportedly never had the disease

Terrible human being lies about having cancer to raise money just like the terrible cancer industry profits off false diagnoses

Seattle woman who raised $400G as cancer survivor reportedly never had the disease

Which natural bedbug pesticides really work revealed in new study
Of all 11 products, they found only two that were over 90 percent effective at eliminating bedbugs and their eggs. Those two were EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol. The researchers warned that their best results were from direct spraying, but the ability of bedbugs to hide in tiny crevices makes direct spraying difficult.
Pyrethrum is a special dried flower extract from Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and C. coccineum plants. It acts like an insecticide without harming humans or animals.
Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows in soil and can be purchased as a spray or powder that's deadly to bedbugs but friendly to humans and animals.
Essential oils such as tea tree, oregano and manuka oils can be sprayed on bedding and in its immediate area with no concerns of poisoning anyone or anyone's pets. They have demonstrated effectiveness for eliminating bedbugs and can also be used to treat their bites.
Food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is an inexpensive dry, white powder easily ordered online in large bags.

Homemade Bed Bug Trap

First US Public School District Limits Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure to Students and Staff
Ashland, Massachusetts Public Schools have implemented Wi-Fi Device "Best Practices" which include turning the Wi-Fi off when not in use and keeping devices on a table.

Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Your Health? The Debate Over Cell Phone Safety Continues

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