Michael Arnstein - The Fruitarian Runner

Fruit is Fast Food! Michael Arnstein, The Fruitarian on a high performance fruit diet!

Fruit is Fast Food! I thrive off the highest quality diet, a fruit based diet! I've been a competitive runner for more than 20 years, and nothing has improved my performance more than eating tons and tons of fast food - mother natures fast food - FRUIT! It's clean, fast and efficient. I've reached all my dream running goals and feel my best on a fruitarian diet. I also happen to enjoy high performance cars along with my high performance body!

Michael Arnstein (aka ‘The Fruitarian’ has been following a low fat raw vegan (fruitarian diet) since January 2008.
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Michael is an accomplished competitive runner in a wide range of distances ranging from the mile to the 100 mile distances and beyond.
Michael runs a successful business while co-parenting to raise 3 children.  He is passionate about sharing insights on athletics, social issues and more while eating a fruitarian diet.

Michael is the owner of The Natural Sapphire Company.
Michael Arnstein founded a non profit organization in 2010 to promote the health benefits of a fruit based diet.
He is a founder of The Woodstock Fruit Festival.

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