Winners of the 6th Annual Best Of Raw Awards! Jan 2014

Winners of the 6th Annual Best Of Raw Awards! Jan 2014
(Note : no consensus)

EcoRaw Company ~ Nutiva 
EcoRaw Product ~ Ocean Solution Mineralizer
EcoRaw Restaurant ~ Peace Pies 
EcoRaw Initiative ~ Living Light International - Company-Wide Reduce Waste Campaign 
EcoRaw Educator ~ Dorothy Salvatori 
Raw Recipe Video ~ Kristina Bucaram-Carillo 
Raw Food Song ~ Mr Fruitastic - Chris Kendall 
Book Release ~ Simply Vibrant Recipes by Reny and Jesse Bogdanovich 
Raw Radio ~ Raw Vegan Radio 
Film Release ~ Bethany's Story - The Power from Within 
Blog ~ Rawfully Tempting 
Community Website ~ Raw Food Wild Riot 
Magazine ~ Super Raw Life 
Online TV Show/Vlog ~ liferegenerator Inc. Dan McDonald 
Raw Food App ~ Wild Edibles - Sergei Boutenko 
Female Athlete ~ Michelle Battermann 
Funniest Raw Man~ Chris Kendall 
Funniest Raw Woman ~ Diana Stobo 
Male Athlete ~ Chris Kendall 
Professional Gourmet Chef (0-5) Years ~ Barbara Shevkun 
Professional Gourmet Chef (5+) Years ~ Amie Sue Oldfather 
Professional Raw Coach (0-5) Years~ Dara Dubinet 
Professional Raw Coach (5+) Years ~ Dan McDonald 
Professional Raw Educator (0-5) Years ~ Andrea Alexandria 
Professional Raw Educator (5+) Years~Jesse Bogdanovich 
Professional Raw Photographer ~ Amie Sue Oldfather 
Professional Simple Chef (0-5) Years ~ Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram 
Professional Simple Chef (5+) Years Karen Ranzi 
Raw Artist ~ David Gonzales 
Sexiest Raw Woman ~ Diana Stobo 
Sexiest Raw Man ~ Jason Wrobel 
Raw Friendly Musical Act ~ Emily Grove 
Beverage (Not Kombucha) ~ Harmless Harvest - 100% Raw Coconut Water
Cereal ~ Living Intentions - Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal
Chocolate Bar ~ Sacred Chocolate - Longevity Bliss
Chocolate Truffle ~ Debra Mazer -Hot Love Chocolate Truffles
Cold Pressed Juice Product ~ Daily Greens
Cookies/Brownies ~ Rawxies
Crackers ~ Go Raw - Pizza Flax Snax
Desert From Restaurant ~ ChocolaTree - Raw Tiramisu
Green Powder (Single Ingredient) ~ E3 Live - Klamath Lake Oregon - E3AFA
Green Powder (Multiple Ingredients) ~ Sprout Living - Epic Protein : Green Kingdom
Kale Chips ~ Pachamama Kale Chips
Kombucha ~ GT's Classic Kombucha
Liquid Supplement ~ E3Live + BrainON
Non-Liquid Supplement ~ E3LIVE - BrainOn
Nut Butter ~ Divine Organics - Pili Nut Butter
Full Raw Vegan Event ~ TRA Raw Food and Yoga Mexican Adventure retreat 
Full Raw Vegan Online Store ~ The Raw Food World 
Grocery Store with a Raw Section ~ Erewhon Natural Foods Market Market 
Online Store Featuring Raw Foods ~ RawGuru.com 
Raw Chef Traning Program ~ The Graff Academy of Raw Food Education 
Raw Vegan Retreat Center ~ Tree of Life Center US 
Restaurant ~ Peace Pies 
Trail Mix ~ Divine Organics Bliss Mix
Sweet Snack ~ Wonderfully Raw - Coco-Roons ~ Vanilla Maple
Superfood ~ E3Live
Smoothie Mix ~ Garden of Life ~ Raw Meal
Salty Snack ~ Sunbiotics Probiotic Enhanced Almonds
Raw Vegan Body Care Product~ Morrocco Method-Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
Protein Powder (Not Green) ~ Growing Naturals - Vanilla Blast Pea Protein