Joe Rollino - World's Strongest Man - Vegetarian

喬•羅利諾 Joe Rollino 素食名人 美國百歲大力士 拳擊手

Joe Rollino - World's Strongest Man - Vegetarian

(1) 只有我們自己,才是最能夠令自己康復的醫生;
(2) 所有療癒都是自我療癒;

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Has this Chemical Destroyed the Meaning of Organic?
Perchlorate is a chemical used to make rocket fuel, fireworks, flares and explosives, as well as some bleach and fertilizers. It is also widely used in the defense- and pyrotechnics industries. Unfortunately, this chemical is highly toxic and capable of disrupting the thyroid's ability to produce critical hormones, and it is now causing widespread land and water contamination in many parts of the world.

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