The Secret Life Of Beef

The Secret Life Of Beef
How does eating beef contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions that are hastening climate change? Why does meat production have serious impacts on our soil, air, and water?

The Secret Life Of Cell Phones
How are cell phones related to pollution, health, and global warming? How much gold can you get out of a cell phone? You need to see this video.
Where do old cell phones and mobile devices go when you recycle them? Why should you take those phones out of your sock drawer and take them back? What toxins are in a typical cell phone? How much gold and silver is in a cell phone? How do I recycle my cell phones and mobile devices?


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Is Milk "Nature's Perfect Food"?

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1 頭豬可產製185種產品 ,把牠們生命奪取後使用動物屍體為原材料,獨留下無辜的靈魂和一團怨氣

Is Milk "Nature's Perfect Food"?
by Anita Cheung
Did you know that if you gave a baby cow "milk" as we know it (the kind you get from the supermarket), it will die in two months? 

We humans seem to be more resilient - we don't die quite that soon, although overtime we develop oesteoporosis, prostate and breast cancers, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases..

High childhood intake of cow's milk triples risk of colon cancer later in life, studies found.