Health Benefits of Hot and Cold Baths According to Ayurveda

Why Drink Cow's Milk?

Health Benefits of Hot and Cold Baths According to Ayurveda

Scientists turn to lab-grown chicken meat after spending $300,000 making artificial beef

Democratic congresswoman claims global warming will force American women into prostitution
Climate change hoaxers will says just about anything to push the nonsensical and unproven theory that the activities of industrialized mankind are pushing the earth to its warming limits.

When technology becomes religion and science becomes God
Sadly, in most cases the truth is that we have simply traded one form of religion for another. Scientists and technology gurus have become our new high priests, and most of us blindly follow whatever they tell us. But in the end, just like with so many religious organizations, it is all about the money. Those with the money determine what the science is going to say, who the high priests are going to be, and what messages are conveyed to the public. 

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