Cacao and Chocolate - Superfood or Toxic Poison

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Cacao and Chocolate - Superfood or Toxic Poison

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'I killed and skinned a wallaby and used its fur to carry fire sticks': Incredible story of how one woman abandoned city life, soap and shampoo to live wild in the bush for 12 months
Claire Dunn, 31, lived in a self-made waterproof shelter for 12 months
She killed and ate a wallaby, diamond snake and an injured bird to survive
Roadkill of kangaroos, possum and bats were part of her regular diet
Three years on, she still finds it hard to adjust to living back in 'civilisation'

Trial hopefuls muster little to impress selectors
20 February, 1993 SCMP
Happy Valley's triathlete Wu Ka-fai.

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