Detoxifying the liver using natural herbs

Detoxifying the liver using natural herbs

How to unleash your body's own healing power without supplements
The corpse pose, or savasana, is the last posture, or asana, in any Hatha Yoga routine. It's apparently the easiest, because one lies flat on one's back without moving. But it's actually the most difficult to master, because it's so internal.

The big lie of genetics exposed: human DNA incapable of storing complete blueprint of the human form
According to the theory of genetics, physical gene sequences contained in chromosomes found in each cell in your body are a "blueprint" for all your body's physical structures, biochemical functions and inherited behavioral patterns. This blueprint, the theory goes, contains ALL the instructions needed to create a complete human form with all its physical structures, physiological functions and inherited behaviors fully represented and complete.

Google has been secretly harvesting the passwords of all Wi-Fi devices everywhere
If an Android device (phone or tablet) has ever logged on to a particular Wi-Fi network, then Google probably knows the Wi-Fi password. Considering how many Android devices there are, it is likely that Google can access most Wi-Fi passwords worldwide.

The Yamuna
One day of life of the holy Yamuna river.

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