Cappi Osborne speaks of only eating fruit

活人試驗 美國科研公司用24名中國湖南省兒童試轉基因大米 

2012 ITU World Triathlon Stockholm Race Videos

Cappi Osborne speaks of only eating fruit 

Sunrider Commercials (set 2)
Just for fun and laughing Only

6 New GMO Crops that May Soon Hit Your Dinner Table
Dow 2,4-D and Glufosinate Tolerant Soybean 
Syngenta Corn Rootworm Resistant Corn 
Okanagan Non-Browning Apple 
Monsanto Dicamba Tolerant Soybean 
Dow 2,4-D, Dlyphosate and Glufosinate Tolerant Soybean 
Genective Glyphosate Tolerant Corn

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