10 Life-Threatening Mistakes You Might Make With Your Doctor

Digestive enzymes enhance nutrient absorption, gut health and longevity 
Canadian firm ready to unleash genetically engineered Frankenapples in U.S 

President Obama's store sells hemp from Communist China while hemp farming in America remains criminalized 

10 Life-Threatening Mistakes You Might Make With Your Doctor 

7 of the World's Scariest Roads (Slideshow) 

GMOs cause animals to lose their ability to reproduce, Russian scientists discover  
Killing children with X-ray images - Death by procedure 

Determine your risk for cancer without the use of radiation

How now black and white cow? A glass of morphine milk?
A few thousand years ago, the majority of milk cows were the wholesome beta-casein A2 type until the genetically mutated beta-casein A1 strain appeared. Today, over 90 percent of US milk cows are the errant A1 type cows. 

Big Pharma shifting from deadly chemical drugs to bioelectric implants  

Seven toxic foods, drinks, and additives to cut out of your diet for good
Inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease - Here's how to prevent it 
Flame retardants are causing autism
PBDEs have been accumulating in the environment in lock-step with the accelerating rise in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

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