Proof the Government is Killing You - Alex Jones

工業鹽水勾兌 港商被通緝 佛山千噸「毒醬油」擴散 

108 mridangas in rare appearance take you on a journey to your soul.Sri Mayapur 13.march 2010
One who engages in spiritual practices throughout his life will not necessarily be immune from old-age diseases, but he will most likely not have such severe problems.
The occurrence of senile dementia is rare in a person who is enlivened and enlightened with spiritual consciousness. Krsndasa Kaviraja was in his nineties when he wrote the wonderfull amazing Caitanya-caritamrita. He writes there, "I have now become too old and disturbed by invalidity. While writing, my hands tremble.
I cannot remember anything, nor can I see or hear properly. Still I write, and this is a great wonder

Proof the Government is Killing You - Alex Jones  

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