McCartney Criticizes French Vegetarian Ban


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McCartney Criticizes French Vegetarian Ban
A government order in France requires all meals served in school canteens to contain animal products, with meat and fish served with regularity. French students also reportedly can’t bring packed lunches to school, so the government orders apparently are intended to make balanced vegetarian or vegan meals in schools impossible, or nearly so. 

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VIRAHA, Moods of Separation
by Music of Yoga
Kishori Mohan : In Honor of our Beloved Srila Gurudeva's Disappearance Day, this album will be FREE for everyone to download through Sunday. Jai Srila Gurudeva.
Dedicated to the devotees who are experiencing separation from our beloved Gurudev, Nitya Lila Pravista Om Visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja.
released 08 June 2011 
Special Thanks to Radha Priya and Nitya for backups on Gurudev Krpa Bindu Diya. Special Thanks to Vijay for his awesome Mridanga drumming on the Hare Krishna track.
http://musicofyoga.bandcamp.com/download_tralbum         MP3 Direct Download Link

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