Natural Home Remedies For Snoring

The World Takes 4th Major Step Towards Creating GMO Babies in a Year
Is the world ready for 'designer babies?'
A controversial fertility treatment requiring 3 genetic parents was recently approved by an elite panel of U.S. scientists and ethicists.

Natural Home Remedies For Snoring

Chemicals or Enzymes? Pigging Out on Starch Ingredients May Hold the Answer
The food industry often uses chemically modified starches (CMS) to "enhance" food products.  CMS are used to change the gooeyness of a food ingredient and are used in a variety of products ranging from lunch meats and juices to baked goods and biofuels.

Healthy Cooking with the Wonders of Ghee

How to Store Vegetables & Fruit Without Plastic

Dinacharya and Ratricharya for Health and Hygiene

Azhwars: The Mystic Vaishnavite Saints of South India

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裝冷裝熱都一樣 塑膠杯用久傷身


用WiFi偷資料話咁易 點阻黑客偷資料?

花10萬保護旺角WiFi街 專家扮黑客一攻即破

裝冷裝熱都一樣 塑膠杯用久傷身



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Dr. Michael Murray Reference Guide to 31 Important Health Topics

Dr. Murray's free and concise reference guide to 31 important health topics: 

Dr. Michael Murray is one of the world's leading authorities on natural medicine. He has published more than 30 books, including The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, used by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals the world over! 
Anti-aging, Bladder Health, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Bone Health, Brain Health, Breast Health, Chemotherapy, Cholesterol, Constipation, Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Gout, Heart Health, IBS, Immunity, Indigestion, Joints, Liver Health, Macular Degeneration, Male Vitality, Menopause, Migraine, Mood, Prostate
Sleep, Stress, Tinnitus, Ulcers, Varicose Veins, Weight Loss


How essential oils can replace overused antibiotics and stop drug-resistant superbugs

Flint, Michigan, bureaucrats could be charged with manslaughter for mass poisoning of population with toxic lead

How essential oils can replace overused antibiotics and stop drug-resistant superbugs

Air pollution is so bad in China, it's turning womens' facial skin BLACK
A recent report revealed that air pollution in China and Germany (the countries where the large-scale research study was performed) is also responsible for the formation of lentigines – dark areas of skin also called "liver spots."

Artificial light is toxic to human biology and mental states
Being exposed to blue light after the sun goes down has its negative consequences, such as circadian confusion and other metabolic mix-ups that send confused signals throughout the body. The phenomena of blue light's effects on humans, animals, and plants are being looked into by researchers at Southern Methodist University (SMU) now.

Mark of the medical beast: 'Tech tattoos' will store your personal medical and financial information on a microchip embedded in your skin

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Egg and fish are non-vegetarian

Egg and fish are non-vegetarian:-

Persons interested in vegetarianism should carefully bear in mind the fact that eggs in diet comes under the category of non vegetarian food. People in some countries think that eggs come under the vegetable; therefore, they serve the Indians/Jains egg preparations under the name of vegetarian diet. It is therefore necessary for the strict vegetarians to be careful, else fish or egg-preparations may violate their sacred vow. Fish is a living animal therefore apparently fish eating will come under the category of meat i.e. non-vegetarian diet.

Our Jain sages, who were great philosophers as well as astounding spiritual- scientists have explained that egg comes under meat diet. The white side of the egg is a bony substance. The liquid matter inside  forms the body of the chicken when hatched. Thus it has been classified as meat

To treat egg at par with milk is as erroneous as to call a horse, a cow. Milk is the stage of food before it is transformed into blood, while egg contains blood and other constituents of flesh. Even the unfertilized egg is a non-vegetarian item. It is something like still born baby or unfertilized egg of mammals. It is clearly stated in the scriptures that this animal mass is the habitat of infinite number of nigod (microbes) souls irrespective of whether we interfere with ultimate growth by arresting the process of fertilization.
Therefore vegetarians should never eat egg to keep their vow of Ahimsa.

Eggs are the progeny of five-sensed beings. Food produced out of eggs is clearly flesh food. Some people argue that a vegetarian egg cannot give birth to a child; it is lifeless. This statement is untrue because it is a product of the sexual organ of the hen. So not only is it impure but it also increases in size after birth and does not become rotten. Therefore it is alive, though it may not possess the capacity to evolve form, but in no way can it be treated as lifeless.

Some people say that the milk of a cow or goat is also part of the body. However there is a vast difference between milk and eggs. This understanding is incorrect because an egg is the progeny of a hen, similarly milk is not the progeny of the cow. By taking milk out of the body of a cow or goat, no harm is done to their lives; whereas by use of the egg the creture inside the egg is killed. If the milk producing cow or goat is not milked at the proper time, agony is caused to it. Having said this, there are still issues about the way dairy cows are treated and their culling as soon as they are past their prime milking days.

Jains do not consume animal ingredients which involve the killing of a life–for example, we do not eat honey since many bees are killed in the process of honey farming. Neither do we consume eggs, since the egg had the potential to become a life. Gelatin and other animal byproducts are also strictly prohibited since they are not vegetarian.

Vegetarian Food and Jain Conduct - Eggs

Want to Kill Fewer Animals? Give Up Eggs

In Jainism, why is the consumption of eggs banned but milk and dairy products allowed?


Do not overload the stomach at night. Overloading is the direct cause for nocturnal emission. Take easily digestible, light food at night. Don't take very hot or heavy food as they cause diseases. Things fried in oil or ghee, over cooked foods, spicy foods, chutnies, chillies, meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onion, liquor, sour articles and stale food preparations should be avoided for they stimulate the sexual organs. Hot foods and hot tea weaken the teeth and gums. They make the semen watery.
(Brahmacharya of The Vedanta Path versus Brahmacharya of Akram Vignan)



真么壽 蒟蒻條摻工業純鹼流入知名餐廳




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Seattle woman who raised $400G as cancer survivor reportedly never had the disease

Terrible human being lies about having cancer to raise money just like the terrible cancer industry profits off false diagnoses

Seattle woman who raised $400G as cancer survivor reportedly never had the disease

Which natural bedbug pesticides really work revealed in new study
Of all 11 products, they found only two that were over 90 percent effective at eliminating bedbugs and their eggs. Those two were EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol. The researchers warned that their best results were from direct spraying, but the ability of bedbugs to hide in tiny crevices makes direct spraying difficult.
Pyrethrum is a special dried flower extract from Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium and C. coccineum plants. It acts like an insecticide without harming humans or animals.
Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows in soil and can be purchased as a spray or powder that's deadly to bedbugs but friendly to humans and animals.
Essential oils such as tea tree, oregano and manuka oils can be sprayed on bedding and in its immediate area with no concerns of poisoning anyone or anyone's pets. They have demonstrated effectiveness for eliminating bedbugs and can also be used to treat their bites.
Food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is an inexpensive dry, white powder easily ordered online in large bags.

Homemade Bed Bug Trap

First US Public School District Limits Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure to Students and Staff
Ashland, Massachusetts Public Schools have implemented Wi-Fi Device "Best Practices" which include turning the Wi-Fi off when not in use and keeping devices on a table.

Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Your Health? The Debate Over Cell Phone Safety Continues

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Growing number of people recognize adverse health effects of Wi-Fi radiation

Organic maple syrup a superfood? Sticky sweet liquid is packed with natural compounds known to prevent disease

Resurrection of extinct squash from 800-year-old seeds shows importance of saving seeds in an age of GMOs

Growing number of people recognize adverse health effects of Wi-Fi radiation
electromagnetic hypersensitivity intolerance syndrome (EHS)
Plants, pets also impacted by dangers of Wi-Fi radiation
Ninth graders in Denmark conducted an experiment in which they planted seeds, some near routers that gave off about the same amount of radiation as a cellphone, others in a different room away from routers. The shocking results? Ones planted near routers didn't grow. The other ones thrived.

Student Science Experiment Finds Plants won't Grow near Wi-Fi Router

Frequently Asked Questions about Cell Phones and Your Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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How eating tilapia and salmon could be worse for your health than eating bacon

'Science' of GMO crops is completely wrong: gene modifications affect far more than targeted proteins

How eating tilapia and salmon could be worse for your health than eating bacon
Farm-bred fish have high concentrations of antibiotics and pesticides, due to the increased risk of disease spreading through crowded conditions.

McDonald's fails at healthy food, makes kale salad WORSE than a Double Big Mac

Health basics: What is sodium benzoate and how does it strangle human cells?
It's sodium benzoate, and it has the ability to not only stave off mold, bacteria, fungus and yeast in foods, but also to deprive human cells of oxygen, all while it breaks down the immune system and causes blood cancer. Synthesized in a laboratory using chemicals, the sodium benzoate listed on a food product label is not the same thing as benzoic acid, which is found naturally in low levels in many fruits.

There is No Beef in Vedas. A Brilliant Explanation By an IIT Alumni Thrashing False Claims.

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Crawling Around Crop Fields, Chinese Spy Caught Stealing Millions of $$ Worth of GM Seeds

Art of Living is to Master the Art of Dying

Grain Company Refuses to Buy Glyphosate-Treated Oats, Citing Crop Concerns
Has suppliers sign anti-glyphosate contract

Crawling Around Crop Fields, Chinese Spy Caught Stealing Millions of $$ Worth of GM Seeds
After reverse-engineering the seeds
China is vowing to crackdown on the illegal planting of GMO crops after it was revealed that a spy stole millions of dollars' worth of proprietary corn seeds produced by DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto.
The Chinese-born U.S. citizen, Mo Hailong, has confessed to leading a group that swiped the seeds. Mo had been the director of Dabeinong Technology (DBN) Group, a Beijing-based agricultural tech firm, and is also the brother-in-law of the company's founder.

Weed-Killing Robot Developed: No Herbicides Needed
What do you think about it?

Need a Link Between Federal Reps and Big Pharma Companies? Here it is.
As Big Pharma delays guidelines for prescribing painkillers

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