iHerb Rated Best in Order Processing and Shipping

iHerb Rated Best in Order Processing and Shipping
The Online Retailer Leads in Several Categories of a September Audit of Processes
November 18, 2014

iHerb, one of the world’s largest and most successful e-commerce companies, has been rated as the leader in several service and performance categories according to a September, 2014 independent audit of online retailers.

iHerb was rated best among peers in the vitamins industry in a number of categories – including shipping speed and returns processing - critical to providing customers with responsive service and fast delivery. The ratings were compiled by StellaService Inc., an independent provider of customer service ratings and analytics for online retailers.

“We have placed a great deal of emphasis on improving our customer service and performance ratings over the past year, and the September report reflects our progress,” said John McCarthy, iHerb’s Director of Marketing. “Our challenge is to maintain a level of delivering top customer service in the categories we lead, as we continue improving our performance in other areas.”

Using a process audited by global accounting and auditing firm KPMG, StellaService analysts measure and rate the customer service experience across a variety of channels including phone, email and chat, as well as shipping, returns and refunds. The service metrics are based on speed and quality, amount of time to reach a live representative on the phone, product and policy knowledge and packaging quality. Shipping audits were conducted across the Midwest, Northeast, South and West regions of the United States.

Highlights of the September audit revealed: 
?    iHerb ranked #1 in total days to delivery (fulfillment time plus delivery time) at 2.5 days. Peer average is 4.3 days. iHerb was rated ahead of Vitacost, BodyBuilding, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC. 

?    iHerb ranked #1 in fulfillment days (time required to fill the order and ship) at .3 days, followed by GNC and Swanson. 

?    iHerb ranked #1 in processing returns (1.5 days) and #2 overall at 7.8 days. This is impressive considering we process all returns in MV and lose transit time for east coast shipments. Many of our competitors process returns in multiple locations. 

?    iHerb ranked #2 in transit speed (includes carrier delivery time) at 2.5 days, followed by Vitacost at 3.3 days. Swanson and GNC were over 6 days. Leading the transit speed category was BodyBuilding, at 1.7 days.

StellaService is the only independent provider of customer service ratings and syndicated data for online retailers. 

The company utilizes a nationwide network of mystery shoppers to evaluate each site undercover, ensuring findings that are unbiased and true to the shopping experience. Based in New York City, the company also publishes reports and other research to help companies worldwide improve their service operations.

Performance and service ratings compiled by StellaService help shoppers better understand the service quality of online merchants big and small. StellaService customer service performance data is used within Google offerings, including Google Trusted Stores, a selective certification program that helps shoppers identify the best online stores. iHerb is certified as a Google Trusted Store and its desktop-website, mobile website and mobile applications are translated in six different languages.

iHerb is a major online retailer of herbal and holistic health products, bath & beauty, specialty grocery items, superfoods, kids & babies, pets, creams and lotions, aromatherapy and fitness products. The company operates two inventory control and shipping centers – Moreno Valley, California and Hebron, Kentucky – that fill and ship customer orders both domestically and worldwide. iHerb’s product listing includes more than 35,000 products.

STELLA Metrics Transit Speed Graph
Our challenge is to maintain a level of delivering top customer service in the categories we lead, as we continue improving our performance in other areas



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