Cacao and Chocolate - Superfood or Toxic Poison

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Cacao and Chocolate - Superfood or Toxic Poison

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Chocolate and Cacao - Neurotoxin and Stimulant

Chocolate and Cacao
By Toni Clarke Allen
July 25, 2013 

Posts have been popping up a lot lately with non raw ingredients. They are very catching and even beautiful pictures and recipes.. You may not been seeing most of them as they are being deleted. If you post a recipe I am asking that you be responsible to make sure the ingredients are raw and vegan. 

Many new people come here to learn about our beautiful diet and lifestyle and do not need to be lead astray with the cashews and chocolates and honey and agave and maple syrup or whatever.. If you sun dry your own nibs yes you can have raw chocolate but most commercial growers that supply nibs just do not do this! It is not feasible for them. 

My rant here is about these ingredients but chocolate in particular. Chocolate is a neurotoxin and stimulant which effects our nervous system. The powder form is generally cut with sugars. Not a superfood as marketers promote it to be.. and it surely will never take you to the sun and back! 

But what's most important to me is that it is also very unethical. Our chocolate fix costs the lives of many. Most chocolate we consume comes from West Africa. The practice of child slave labor is a serious crisis in the chocolate industry. Just to send this commodity to the elite who seem not to care about their fellow human beings. Raw vegans we know better.... Let's Shine 

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry