World's "poorest president" gives 90% of his salary to charities

Stolen cobalt-60 proves how easily dirty bomb materials can be acquired and deployed
Shocked scientists discover the skin communicates with the liver

Healthy benefits of parsley

Millions of starfish turning up dead off West Coast

World's "poorest president" gives 90% of his salary to charities
Thanks to sweeping legalization measures, marijuana is fastest growing industry in US
Is your smartphone keeping you awake at night?

Geoengineering schemes to reduce global warming turn out to be vaporware

Renewable energy using rocks? Scientists figure out how to successfully split hydrogen gas from water
According to BBC News, the Earth-friendly technique involves using the mineral olivine to naturally split hydrogen atoms from H2O, a process that some researchers say could revolutionize renewable energy production.

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「金稻牌」米鎘超標 日3碗恐損腎

USS Ronald Reagan sailors report cancers after Fukushima rescue mission
"The USS Reagan was ultimately informed of the contamination after a month of living approximately 10 miles offshore from the affected region."



歐盟警告:兩常用殺蟲劑 恐危害神經系統
新類尼古丁殺蟲劑(neonicotinoid insecticides)亞滅培(acetamiprid)與益達胺( imidacloprid),「可能會影響人類神經系統發育」

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