FDA finally admits conventional chicken contains toxic arsenic

Unraveling food industry lies - Many honey and spice products are counterfeit
FDA finally admits conventional chicken contains toxic arsenic

Quinoa questionable as a gluten free grain

Fukushima Radiation Traced in Pacific Seafood
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has insisted that seafood caught near the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is safe to eat. Scientists have voiced concerns, however, that radioactive isotopes could accumulate in fish and pose a danger to human health. Henry Ridgwell recently visited Japan and has this report for VOA.

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Fukushima nuclear plant operators prepare for dangerous procedure

Beijing Marathon Course Record Finally Broken By Tadese Tola of Ethiopia
Tola and Rono began to sprint with 900 metres to go as Kipyego seemed to fall back a bit, but he was going nowhere in the end. With 500m left, all three were going full throttle, a sight not often seen in the Marathon, and for a while it seemed like all three would reach the finish line at the same time.
But with some 150m to go, Tola finally emerged as the winner, clocking a course record of 2:07:16 for the win.

BJ Marathon: Women's Race sees Chinese champ for 22nd straight year (Video)

HG Deena Bandhu Prabhu / Sri Damodarastakam

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