Nuclear Power in China

Nuclear Power in China
Updated 10 December 2010

China claims new nuclear technology
China state media claims scientists have mastered a key technique to reprocess spent uranium
Jonathan Watts in Beijing
guardian.co.uk, Monday 3 January 2011 

China Ready to Reprocess Nuclear Fuel
January 3, 2011

Construction schedule on Chinese third-generation nuclear plants races ahead of European models
Local experience and long working hours speed progress
Harold Thibault
Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 28 December 2010 

China: new tech eases uranium-supply worry
Jan. 4, 2011

China hails nuclear tech breakthrough
Global Times 
January 04 2011

Nuclear fuel sources may last 3,000 years: officials
Global Times 
January 04 2011

China claims new nuke technology
Beijing News.Net
Tuesday 4th January, 2011 (ANI)